Engineering For Trade and Supply

Engineering For Trade and Supply Company

ETS Company is considered one of the Top Isolation Companies in Egypt actively managing and establishing around 60 projects in Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE.

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With the high Competitive Nature of this industry we had a challenge of competing with Strong competitors but we were Able to conduct a Sound strategy in order to Obtain and Maintain top spots in Google Search Pages with regularly searched Keywords.


We Focused on how the Targeted Audience would benefit from our Content and enabled them for easy contacting methods so that it would be easy for them to reach our Client.
69.47 - Organic Users
18.72 - Direct Traffic Users
8.60 - Social Traffic Users
3.11 - Referral Traffic Users


We were able to obtain about 65% of the market share and about 92% of our targeted Audience.
7.64% CTR
190 Company Request
188% ROI

From The Client

"You exceeded my expectation by increasing my business's profit three times Exceeding your competitors."
Eng. Sayed Mostafa
CEO of Engineering For Trade and Supply