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Our Developement Services

Be Digital Agency has combined experience with innovation producing functional, large-scale, engaging mobile and responsive web designs with top notch quality. Our process helps to uncover the characteristics of your users by learning about their needs, wants, and limitations and even converting them your way.

How we do Work

Planning & Intiation

  • Technical idealization sessions with clients in order to figure their needs of the Web or Mob application.

  • Define the project value proposition and also the added value for the Website to the Client's business.

  • Identify industry competitors/target key personas through competitive intelligence.

  • Analyzing development and deployment requirements plus constraints for the website or the mobile app validity.

  • Identifying key opportunities for the feature set to outmatch the clients' competitors.

Creation & Designing

  • visualization of the Development project with the client.

  • Creating a project style guide notes as a reference.

  • Presenting and designing high-quality design themes based on the approved client's expectation and style guide.

  • Building a prototyping Development project.

  • Performing A/B testing for user experience feedback and also refinement via random sampling technique.

The Real Development

  • UI engineering.

  • WordPress.

  • API Development.

  • Responsive and browser device compatibility.


Our Websites Designs

Developing the App of Your Choice with brilliant designs

Be Digital Agency provides developing your business mobile app with an experience of mixing and integrating the e-Marketing trio: the social media, mobile application, and websites. Thus, the mobile application can easily be embedded Facebook, Instagram, web pages, etc which will make your number of users grow rapidly.
Be Digital Agency Mobile App services

Don't Miss out on technology

Websites and Mobile Apps are a great way for anyone to brand their business in the most professional way possible. Thus, if you are looking for a professional web development companies in Egypt, you surely have come to the right one. Do not hesitate and contact us immediately and let us start the great mission.

Why Choosing us

We, in Be Digital Agency,as one of the best web development companies in Egypt, are very committed in helping clients. Our goal is to make sure that our clients are reach their business goals smoothly. Moreover, We provide an innovative environment, making a difference, and adding value to our client’s businesses.
Marketing Strategy Using R&D
Since “Knowledge is Power” we embraced the importance of research and methodology. In other words, our research guys are working round the clock searching for opportunities and spending a lot of time and energy on research & development practices.
Tracking & Reporting
With Be Digital Agency, the first web development company in Egypt, the clients are always aware of every and each step we take along the way keeping them in the light offering them tips for their businesses in order to enhance their performance.
Unique Template Design
We have been providing our clients with an implemented theme which serves the very purpose of the website. We also, as a web development company, design our interfaces for four corners starting with mobile screen sizes.
Precise Work Cycle
We begin by kicking off. For instance, planning, production iteration, and identifying new requirements from our clients are our first steps. Then, we start developing and testing the Web or the Mobile App. Finally, we evaluate the results and finally close out all orchestrated in a time frame schedule.

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