Power House Eygpt

باور هاوس

Power House Egypt

During the past 25 years, Power House has continued to custom-build generator rentals to meet the changing needs of your industry.

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Generators can be lifesavers in both commercial and residential situations by providing backup power.


We are looking for new ways to be progressive in the way we approach power, therefore; whenever your work place or home needs a little or a lot of extra power, head over to Power house for high-powered generators for rent and see how we can empower you.
72.40 - Organic Users
24.80 - Direct Traffic Users
1.60 - Social Traffic Users
1.19 - Referral Traffic Users


We were able to obtain about 74% of the market share and about 94% of our targeted Audience.
12.52% CTR
88 Company Request
400% ROI

From The Client

"You Were Quite Proffessional and wer up To The Task Thank you."
Eng. Ahmed Taher
CEO of Power House Egypt