Mahy Translation Center

مكتب ماهي للترجمة المعتمدة

Mahy for Translation

The first company in Egypt that is able of dealing with huge amounts of content across all industries. We promise to provide fast, affordable, reliable, and professional translation in over 21 languages by certified translators.

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Many of the spoken language are woven into other languages, which can affect content. Culture also plays a major part in the use of a language. Each language has a structure that is unique to it, and it is this structure that directly affects the simplicity and level of accuracy of translation. If the language is simple, the translation is also easier and simpler.


We made sure that each and every translator in our community is highly chosen with huge background information in one specific language, so that he never mistranslate the given text.
75.42 - Organic Users
20.39 - Direct Traffic Users
2.86 - Social Traffic Users
1.23 - Referral Traffic Users


We were able to obtain about 55% of the market share and about 85% of our targeted Audience.
8.90% CTR
105% ROI